Work in Progress: Verdant Skies

VR StoriesHi there! Thanks for your interest.

I’m currently working on my passion project, Verdant Skies, a science fiction/fantasy novel for those who love mystery, lucid dreams and video games. Think Inception meets Stranger Things. I think fans of Sword Art Online, Ready Player One, and Otherland will love it.

  • Short version: Missing girl. Government conspiracy. Boyfriend must go on a quest to find answers, hidden in a virtual reality fantasy game.

Long version:

The story is about a teenage boy who develops a long distance relationship with a girl he met in Reverie, a fantasy game you play in your sleep. Isaac and Micayla are both treasure hunters in search of a mysterious relic known as the OmniTome.

As they got closer to the treasure, they experience a bug in the game – a Nightmare that brings out their inner demons. Isaac wakes up, but loses contact with Micayla. He thinks her not responding to his texts and calls means that she’s in trouble, but the game admins and other players just laugh it off.

He gets a message from a hacker, who believes that the game is hiding a government conspiracy behind several players who have gone missing.


Isaac is a lot like me, but also different in many ways. He’s a parachute kid who moved to the U.S. alone. He struggles with social anxiety, hyperhidrosis, loneliness and self-doubt. He found solace in video games, a form of therapy and escape. He fell in love with someone he met online.

Essentially, it’s a millennial’s story of finding love and connection in the digital age. With lots of fantasy RPG, sci-fi and mystery elements. Hopefully I’ll have more time to finish it XD

Feel free to send me some encouragements!

VR Stories