Latest Pokemon Go Updates from Comic Con

I was at San Diego Comic Con yesterday when thousands gathered to hear from John Hanke, CEO of Niantic.

Pokemon Go Blanche

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s pokemon news:

  • Team captains revealed.
  • Hanke was in Tokyo for an Ingress event when Pokemon Go was launched
  • More easter eggs like the eveevution hack still undiscovered.
  • Niantic to release pokemon go to more countries
  • Google helped Niantic to stabilize servers
  • Aware and fixing bugs and three paw glitch
  • The pokemon company working to deliver next generation pokemon character designs. Will be much more regional, hence the need to trade.
  • Trading most likely face to face like Gameboy cable to cable days
  • Trainers and businesses will be able to customize Pokestops via items. The word “poke centers” was used.
  • Gyms will also be customizable by teams to improve competitive play, similar to Ingress. Team captains will play bigger roles on team vs team.
  • Only 1/10 of the original plan had been released so far due to unexpected demand of the game and server issues.

They see the game as an MMO with long term potential. Just be patient, they said. 
That’s all i remember so far!


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