Out of the Ashes: Social Media & Personal Branding

I need to start ramping up on social media and get them followers. I guess that’s one of the goals for a writer’s platform.

I’m still thinking of a good handle though. I’m thinking of ajongdaydreams but it seems too long. I chose AJ Ong as my pen name originally for gender neutrality (kinda like JK Rowling did, but I’m having second thoughts.

Daydreams because my novel series is related to dreams, nightmares, virtual reality and such – and my content is mainly on video gaming, anime and fantastic places.

So still considering.. ajongthedreamer or ajongdreams

Anyways, after thinking more, I’ve decided on a to-do list:

  1. Gain more followers on IG & TW
  2. Post more relevant content
  3. Update wordpress pages

By the way, the feature image is from an anime Grimgar of fantasy and ash.




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