Checking In: Why Blog?

I’ve always been a lazy blogger, despite that being my primary task as a marketing specialist in my day jab. I’ve been working for this tech company in California since March, and I’m enjoying it, though it can be stressful.

There’s a multitude of reasons why I don’t blog as much (aside from my many distractions). I guess I don’t have a concrete goal for this blog yet – so far it’s been a repository of thoughts and cool stuff I find – but there’s Instagram for that nowadays. In this day and age, I wonder what value does the blog provide for aspiring authors?

I started Millennial Folklore years ago when I was a young writer. I still do write fiction. I’ve been going to the North East Los Angeles writers meetup almost every other Saturday and submitting work whenever I can. I’m about 100 pages in my rewrite of a novel I’ve been trying to write since 2010. Despite the 4 drafts/versions, I think I have a clearer grasp of the story now.

Maybe the goal of this blog is to connect with other writers. The written form is still valuable after all. It’s how we transmit thoughts, ideas and feelings, while other mediums tell stories in different ways. It’s always challenging to find like-minded writers, even at a writer’s group since our genres can be so different.

Since I go to comic con and similar geeky venues, maybe I could blog about these:

  • video games
  • VR/AR and other fun tech
  • fantasy books
  • anime

A blog is definitely a time investment – I would need to change the images all over the site, update the pages and write content consistently.

And I’m also debating if Twitter is still any good. If so what twitter handle i should go with..

  • ajongbooks
  • ajongthedreamer
  • ajongdreams
  • ajongwrites



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