Eat, Pray, Love Thoughts

I just finished listening to the Eat Pray Love audiobook by Elizabeth Gilbert. I never watched the movie and I only got interested in this book because I really enjoyed her more recent book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

I enjoyed her travel writing when she was in Italy, especially how she described the food, culture and history of the place – but I felt that the 2nd part (India / Pray) really dragged on, and her finding Love in Indonesia, though interesting, was rather serendipitous.

I’m not really into the whole New Age / eastern spirituality thing so I got really bored and wanted to stop reading/listening….  I’m probably not her audience anyways, male, single, turning 28 – but I appreciate her yearlong journey to reorganize her life. I forced myself to finish the book.

Maybe I’m not reading it right. Maybe my narrative expectations aren’t appropriate for this kind of book. After all, she seems to be telling a candid account of her life in these places. So I look at it as a model. Maybe I could do my own version of Eat, Pray, Love (and not the parody, Drink, Play, F@#k). I think it’s an interesting mental exercise.

So maybe this year I’ll add a few sub-goals in my journey. I’m going to:

Eat – try out all the good restaurants in LA.
Pray -take time to meditate, have some quiet time to clear the mind
Love – “find balance between pleasure and spirituality” and love others, do good – is what I got from the book’s third part, and I guess love will come naturally.

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