Updates: Writing, Reading, MMOs & Music

Been a while since I’ve updated this blog! I need to update more often otherwise I forget what I’ve been doing since my last post. I’ll need to take this more seriously. I want to say I’ve been busy writing and made some progress, but I guess it’s a mix of productive levels to be honest. First off, on writing, I realized that I’ve been mushing all sorts of disparate ideas together when I can have separate stories and books. I guess it’s a bad habit since I wrote Buried Under Grains of Rice, my first novel about the life of Asian American college students + murder mystery of an honor student + a cooking competition ala Top Chef.

My writing professor Susan Straight once told me “Do you have only one book in you?” — something like that. Lately i think I’ve been having memory issues. I’ve been using Evernote more frequently these days, and I was challenged to write story summaries/outlines for ComicCon – so I did. As a result, I was able to appropriate 3 different stories. I showed them to friends and coworkers, and seems like the strongest one was my YA SF story similar to Sword Art Online and .hack that feature people living in virtual reality MMOs. So I think I’ll focus on this, but the first plot I imaged for it didn’t fit well with the demographic and would actually fit much better to my 2nd story, one centered around college life. So yeah, maybe I have 2 books in me right now vying for attention.

That brings me to books I’ve read. I finished Divergent, enjoyed it, but reluctant to read the other books. By the way, at Comic Con I stood in line for 3+ hours to get signed posters from the 2 main cast from the Divergent movie (which I’ve never seen so I didn’t recognize the actors). I also read a fun manga, Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, which was a funny read. I’n currently reading Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, which is a book written 2 decades ago before MMOs… I’m looking for more books featuring MMOs to research for my story.

And..I’ve done my field research by playing a trial version of Final Fantasy 14, and I’d say it’s pretty damn amazing. My comments are on the images. These are what I’ve found in 7 days.


At work, I subconsciously update my spotify playlists and discover new music everyday. I developed a 2014 EDM playlist if anyone is interested.

I’ve been discovering new musicals slowly. After listening to the soundtrack, I watched Legally Blonde the musical on YouTube, and I gotta say I loved it! But I have to say the one that affected me most was Carrie the musical, based on Stephen King’s book. Listening to the soundtrack left me with all kinds of emotions, mainly anger and melancholy. Still, musicals deliver good story and I think they add inspiration to my writing. I’m especially excited to see Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods movie this Christmas. More updates to come soon.


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