Final Fantasy XV Videos

I compiled a couple of videos from E3, showcasing the recent trailers for FF15, formerly known as FF13-versus – now coming to the PS4 and XBOX One.

Gameplay Video

It looks like they’re moving towards a Kingdom Hearts style gameplay/interface instead of the traditional turn-based system. Either way they look cool, and the dark city vibe is reminiscent of FFVII.

HQ Trailer

The story follows crowned prince Noctis and his friends when he kicked forced out of his hoem kingdom due to a war. In the gameplay video, he controls several weapons and is able to teleport. Co-op among party members is pretty cool looking as well.

I wonder how this game will fare compared to FF13, with a mostly male character cast and fast-paced action. If I had a choice, I would probably have played this than the ff13 series, just from the less convoluted plot it seems to have.


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