Lightning’s Theme FF13 – Piano and Violin

I’ve been so addicted to this music lately. I say this is the best rendition of Masashi Hamauzu’s theme for Final Fantasy 13’s protagonist, Lightning.

This is a cool quote from the Final Fantasy wiki:

Lightning FF13

Final Fantasy XIII (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Final Fantasy XIII, “Lightning’s Theme” is an acoustic orchestral variant of the main Battle Theme, “Blinded By Light.” Her theme displays the fragile interior she tries to suppress. The melody is interwoven with many different tracks and appears in several different forms in the game, appropriate for the main character.

When I was playing FF13, Lightning acted as a cold-blooded soldier, but then we realize that she fights for her sister despite all odds. She fights with a sense of guilt as an overprotective but insensitive sister. Even so, I would’ve like to see her more developed. I havent playyed FF13-2 yet after hearing that Lightning wasnt really that playable or central to the story.. You’d wonder why she was on the game’s cover looking all fancy.


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