Sometimes I Wish: An Update on Life

Sometimes I WishI’m currently trying to learn some HTML, CSS and Javascript on the side, so I haven’t been reading much fiction these days.

But before that, I read fantasy writing books and encyclopedias on fantasy tropes like fairy tales and folklore. These books did inspire me further to develop my story and voice.

In particular, I agree with a fantasy author where it’s a good idea to have a gestational period for your story when writing fantasy. It’s like creating a new mythology. I read this from a Writer’s Digest Fantasy Reference book by the way (published 2000, Terry Goodkind). I’ve been thinking of what I wanted to accomplish this year and the next.

Here are a few goals I want to achieve:

  • Learn how to make better websites and landing pages
  • Brush up on my graphic designing (Adobe Fireworks/Photoshop)
  • Get at least 40,000 words of the novel done (NaNoWriMo in Nov!)
  • Know my characters better (they often argue with me)

As a bonus for reading this, here’s a funny Pokemon + Plants vs Zombies mash up:


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