Fairy Tales in the Digital Age – Why Are They Forever After?

University of Auckland, NZ had a guest speaker from Harvard University, Dr. Maria Tatar speak about why fairy tales endure in the digital age.

Source: Public lecture on fairy tales in an electronic age.

Red Riding Hood BoyIndeed, fairy tales are thriving now more than ever in adaptations across all media and entertainment. Here are some examples to name a few:

One of the interesting things Dr Tatar mentioned is that fairy tales have the power of myth – that the story endures and has so many reinterpretations, that the details don’t matter as much.

Compared to literary fiction and the classics (wherein people in this electronic age just don’t have the patience to read), fairy tales will continue to live, evolve and survive.

I would go so far as to say that fairy tales were the popular fiction of the day, that household tales served as entertainment and engaging stories for all ages–children and adults.


2 thoughts on “Fairy Tales in the Digital Age – Why Are They Forever After?

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