Writing About Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

Driving to downtown LA during rush hour can be tedious, but it’s truly an experience when you get to walk around. As a novelist writing about Los Angeles, I feel like a little boy amidst all these tall buildings and amazing architecture. When our building had a fire and earthquake seminar on the 51st floor, my imagination went wild. What if giant monsters appeared outside these windows? How much glass and debris would fall?

After work, I visit places like the Metro 417, MOCA, Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Wells Fargo Court, Water Court, Angels Flight and Pershing Square.

Walking on flower street toward Walt Disney Concert Hall, there were a couple of homeless people under a freeway bridge. Wearing jackets underneath tattered clothes, some of these people lived in outdoor tents. This was just a glimpse of what I saw in Skid Row, where more of these tents lined the streets. Ive never seen so many homeless people outside of soup kitchens.

I work right across the Central Public Library, and it’s quite interesting to see all classes of people here – from homeless people, a range of commuters waiting at the bus stop, and men and women in full business attires.

Westin Bonaventure

Westin Bonaventure

Water Court by Angels Flight

Water Court by Angels Flight

Walt Disney Concert Hall

View From Westin bridge


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