Bleach Final Arc: Anime Cancelled?

Tite Kubo’s popular Bleach manga and anime series is finally coming to an end with it’s final arc.. Reading Shonen Jump and watching the anime has made me very interested in the future of the series, which many fans think may span for another year to another 5 years (if the anime continues). This popular, successful series  certainly won’t just die away, and Mr Kubo is currently hard at work with the final arc.

According to, the new manga will feature:

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya, having finished his training, now has a completed Bankai
  • Unohana involved in an actual battle
  • Renji’s Bankai having a new form
  • The possible return of some of the Espada – Grimmjow and Nel being the two most likely
  • An enemy/enemies leaving a devastating impact on Soul Society the likes of which have never been seen before
  • The final arc will be based in an ice filled world that is neither in Karakura Town or Hueco Mundo.

Bleach Final Arc

I have also read Bleach MASKED: Official Character Book 2, and in the interview, Kubo hints that the Zero Company, or  the Royal Guard, will finally make an appearance. I’m also excited to see what great battles approach, especially with Hirako, Rose and Kensei resuming their previous captain positions in Soul Society. I certainly would LOVE to see Kisuke and Old man Yamamoto’s Bankais. The anime’s Season 15 Shinigami Invasion Arc was such an eye candy, filled with awesome battle scenes.

With that said, rumors have been spreading that the the anime has been cancelled. While this has not yet been official, Japanese TV Listings and similar blogs have stated that Bleach is going to be replaced by Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seichun Full-Power Ninden. Bleach usually airs on TV Tokyo at 6:00 PM, but after Bleach’s last episode at 366, this new show will be replacing it.

Keep in mind that Mr Kubo has been fighting hard to keep the series alive for more than a decade. With the commercial success of the series and certainly the tease they all gave us in the last few episodes of Season 16, there’s certainly hope for the future of the anime. So we’ll all just have to be patient and wait for news. It’s likely that the anime producers are waiting on Mr Kubo to complete the final arc in the manga, before they adapt it into the next season.


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